Space Architecture

Course overview

Space Architecture

Dive into the fundamentals of Orbital and Analog Architecture and its role in space exploration. Examine the environmental conditions and constraints of designing for space. Learn about space habitats, their design requirements. Explore cutting-edge technologies. Whether you're an aspiring space architect, an engineer with a passion for the cosmos, or simply intrigued by the idea of living and working in space, this course will ignite your imagination and provide you with the foundation to design for the final frontier.

Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 3h:45
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Content of the course:

Orbital Architecture 1

- History of Orbital Architecture
- Future Orbital Infrastructures

Orbital Architecture 2

- Orbital Architecture Concepts
- Interior Configurations
- Future Technologies
- Impact of Orbital Space Architecture

Analog  Habitats

- Analog Habitats
- Anolog Simulations
- Experiments examples 

Special Discount valid till 30th May

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Your instructor

Vittorio Netti is researcher at SICSA, Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, Co-founder at Astradyne, Co-founder at Vector Robotics. Vittrio has a PHD in Aerospace Engineering at the Polytecnic of Bari, a masterin Architectural Design at IUAV university in Venice,  a master of Science in Space Architecture at Utah University and a specilization in astronautics at IIAS, International Institute for Astronautical Sciences.
Featured teacher

Vittorio Netti

Benefits of this course:

Enter by the main door in the Space sector

Space Architecture is an interdisciplinary sector which encompasses all space applications.

Orbital Architecture

Discover the fasicinating world of orbital architecture and its applications in LEO and beyond

The importance of the analog habitats

Discover the crucial role of the analog habitats in Space Architecture.

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This is an intermediate course for:


Students, PHD, young graduatei interested to become experts in the space architecture.


Professional of every domain insterested to understand the nature of the Space Architecture and its application on Earth.

Companies Affiliates

Space Architecture will impact technology on Earth in many domains. Companies can benefit of this knowledge to develop new ideas of products and services.

Space enthusiasts

Space enthusiasts will find in this course a huge amount of information which will stimulate further their interest in space technlogy.

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