Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, professionals and students in the Space  and advanced technology topics

Our Academy  is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods to diverse communities on online educational needs. We are dedicated in promoting online knowledge on Space Technology and highly innovative topics 

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Engages buyer audiences when they are looking for solutions.

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We have one of the largest active databases of education technology buyers.

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We reach over educators monthly including tech buyers, IT decision makers and more.

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We provide excellent customer service through the  creation and delivery of targeted programs.
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Meet our Team

Eugenio Sorrentino

Director of Studies
I’m Eugenio the CEO of Mars City Technology. My objective with the Academy is to simplify your learning of our application. Don't let learning be a pain with my engaging and interactive online courses designed with personalization in mind.

Antonio Del Mastro

Technical Director
My objective is to provide you with the best courses tech that can highly improve your professional skills. Im choosing instructors everywhere located who have an excellent knowledge of advanced topics and a strong capability to communicate them in a clear manner. Furthermore, I want to develop with the students new  project ideas to put into practice the topics learned in the courses.
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