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Rocket Course

Unleash the power of curiosity and ignite your interest in the fascinating world of rockets. This course is not your typical space odyssey—it's a specially curated experience for young minds, by a young mind! Embark on an adventure that transcends the ordinary, as our young guide shares a passion for rockets, astronomy, and the boundless possibilities of educational exploration.


2 hours 20 min in total


9 sections 


quiz and practical examples


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I’m Alan Offer the CEO of IMF ROCKET and you will see me presenting this course. My objective with this course  is to simplify your learning of the rocket science providing you pratical examples and applications. Don't let learning be a pain with my engaging and interactive online courses designed with personalization in mind.

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"Sometimes you need to sparkle the ligh up the rocket of curiosity.!"

Course Contents:

History of Space Travel

First thing you need to learn is how
humanity started to build rockets

Importance of Space Exploration

Each rocket has it own advantages and disadvantages. Learn them to choose the best for you.

Rockets Categories

Lear why it is essential for humanking to build rockets.

Newton's Laws of Motion

How does a rocket moves and navigate? Understand how by learning about Newton's Law.

Fundamental Forces of a Rocket Flight

Learn about all the forces that act on the rocket when it is flying in the sky.

Rocket Stability

If you know how to make a rocket stable, you can build a rocket that goes very high and far.

Rocket Engines

Learn the most fundamental part of a rocket: the propulsion system.

Rocket Components

To build a great rocket, you need to know every component.


A rocket need a brain to function properly to deploy the parachute. Learn how to build one.

An Interview to Alan on Monaco Tv:

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Something about Alan Offer:

Passionate by space since my youngest age, student in 12th grade at the highschool of FANB, I created IMF.Rockets, the first Rocket club of the principality of Monaco in 2020. During my journey, I launched several rockets to obtain the Tripoli Certification of Rocketry, which allows me to launch rocket to10KM of altitude. One of my main objective is to educate the young generation to my passion . Indeed, I share the advancement of my rockets to more than 32 000 passionate followers .

Certificate at the end of the course:

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