Space Economy 


Course overview

Space Economy 3:
Mars, Solar System,
Design x Space

Welcome to our immersive course on the Space Economy, a  journey through the emerging economic opportunities beyond Earth. In this course, you will explore the potential and challenges of developing an economy on Mars and within the broader solar system. We delve into the innovative industries driving this new frontier, with a special focus on the pivotal roles of design and the fashion industry.
Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 1h:30
PRice: € 140  

Content of the course:

Mars Economy and Beyond

- The Economic Potential of Mars Colonization
- The Solar System Economy

The design as tool of Space Industry

- The Revolution of design in Space industry
- The influence of the fashion industry in space

Space Design will play a crucial role in Solar System Economy!

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The Economy of Solar System is coming!

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Space Design will shape the Space Economy

The  topics covered by this course include:

The economy of celestial bodies

Moon, Venus, Titan, Uranus, Psyche, Europa, Mars, Transportation, Operations, Habitats. 

Deep Space Logistics

Human Landing Systems, Comms, Navigation, Positioning, hubs.

Design for Space

Space as brand, Made in Italy for Space, seats in Space Stations

Design for Spacecrafts

Gemini, STS, Dragon, Future spacecrafts

Your instructor

  Vittorio Netti is a Crew System engineer at Axiom Space, an adjunct professor at SICSA, Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, where he teaches Design and Validation of Space Habitats, and Co-founder at Astradyne.
 Vittorio holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari, a master's in Architectural Design at IUAV in Venice, a Master of Science in Space Architecture at the University of Houston, and a specialization in astronautics at IIAS, International Institute for Astronautical Sciences.

Featured teacher

Vittorio Netti

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Benefits of this course:

Enter by the main door in the Space sector

Solar System Economy  will generate incalculable economic opportunities 

Mars and Beyond

Discover the  new worlds of the Economy and beyond

The importance of the design in Space

Discover the crucial role of the design  and fashion industry  in the  Space Economy.

This is an intermediate course for:


Students, PHD, young graduated interested to become aware of Space Economy opportunities in the solar system.


Professional of every domain insterested to understand the nature of the Space Economy and its application on Earth.

Companies Affiliates

Space Economy will impact technology on Earth in many domains. Companies can benefit of this knowledge to develop new ideas of products and services.

Space enthusiasts

Space enthusiasts will find in this course a huge amount of information which will stimulate further their interest in space technlogy.

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