Space Economy 1

Course overview

Space Economy 1:
New Space, Simulations, Access to Space, Low Earth Orbit

This module provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving space economy, exploring key facets that shape its current landscape and future trajectory. The course will also cover terrestrial simulation and its related economic implications, emphasizing how earth-based models and technologies contribute to advancements in space exploration and commercial ventures. An examination of access to space will highlight the technological innovations, and economic considerations involved in launching and maintaining space missions. Lastly, the module will investigate the future of low Earth orbit (LEO), focusing on its potential for commercial exploitation, research opportunities, and sustainable development.
Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 4h:25
PRice: € 330  

The New Space Economy

-The environment 
-Market overview 
-New Space Benefits

The First Step -  Earth Simulations

-Data Control,       Management
-Terrestrial Simulations
-An Example of

Access to Space 

-Hardware & Personnel
-Type of Access
-Space Access market
-Suborbital Lauanches

The Future of Low Earth orbit

-Leo Market
-Uncrewed Applications
-Earth Observation
-Crewed Applications
discover our vision of the future of space Economy!

The revolution of New Space and Low Earth Economy

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Learn about the opportunities of New Space 

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Enter in the domain of the Low Earth Economy

The topics covered by this course include:

Commercial Spaceflight

Space tourism & entertainment, satellite technologies, in space assembly & Manufacturing.

Manufacturing and Infrastructure

Refuelling, logistics, Maintenance, Servicing, Operations, future space technologies.

Heavy lifters

Capacity,  reusability,deorbiting,operatibility, balloons, spaceplanes.

Services, Logistics, Defense

Ground R&D, Exploration, SAR Satellites, Media Production,  Commercial Leo Destination.

Your instructor

  Vittorio Netti is a Crew System engineer at Axiom Space, an adjunct professor at SICSA, Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, where he teaches Design and Validation of Space Habitats, and Co-founder at Astradyne.
 Vittorio holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari, a master's in Architectural Design at IUAV in Venice, a Master of Science in Space Architecture at the University of Houston, and a specialization in astronautics at IIAS, International Institute for Astronautical Sciences.

Featured teacher

Vittorio Netti

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Benefits of this course:

Enter by the main door in the Space sector

Space Economy has an impact on all the terrestrial eonomy

Access to Space

Discover the fasicinating technology of  Access to  Space its applications in LEO and beyond

The importance of the analog habitats

Discover the crucial role of the analog habitats in Space Economy.

This is an intermediate course for:


Students, PHD, young graduated interested to become experts in Space Economy


Professional of every domain insterested to understand the nature of the Space Economy and its application on Earth.

Companies Affiliates

Space Economy will impact technology on Earth in many domains. Companies can benefit of this knowledge to develop new ideas of products and services.

Space enthusiasts

Space enthusiasts will find in this course a huge amount of information which will stimulate further their interest in space technology.

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